Camps i Cia. is being launched

Today to the legal mind I add the respect for animals, beings that are never guilty; “We may be the only lawyers on earth whose clients are all innocent”, Animal Legal Defense Fund says. Months ago I was facing a professional crossroad months and a good friend, addressing the lawyer in me, suggested I could collaborate with a seasoned Veterinarian in the defense of animals. Both convinced me that there is another work life possible beyond in-house legal counsel… I ended up deciding to train in depth with the masters at   DeAnimals in Murcia. Finally I am presenting here my new professional project: a firm aimed at fighting for animal rights and defending justice.

Camps i Cia. is today a single-member firm part of an enthusiastic and vital social network of experts in Animal Welfare, a network that keeps growing. In the medium term, I have the firm objective of adding other specialists in Animal Welfare, and not only in Law. Javi Llinares from Projecte Sóc de Poble employed his great creativity to develop our corporate image.

The first step to defend animals is to know and make known the rights they have as the sentient beings they are, both in the country, the Autonomous Community (C.A.) and a town. Therefore, one of my project branches will be training and awareness raising for social groups, working teams or students, among other.

On the other hand, the defense of the rights of the animals can be demanded at the administrative and the criminal level. Thus, a second way of working will be legal assistance, to entities and citizens, in administrative and criminal proceedings for animal abuse and abandonment.

Beyond legal advice, specialised training and educational campaigns, there are many fields where a lawyer trained in Animal Welfare will be needed and I will be there. The knowledge and tools I have acquired ﹣languages, Law, Mediation, communication, research, social action, editing publications and managing people and projects- and the 25 years of experience are now in service of the defense of animal welfare from the north of the province of Alicante.

Always with the Law in mind, of course, because love for animals is not enough to demand and achieve the respect and defence of animals rights, as well as the punishment of the violation of the latter, in accordance with the Criminal Code and the rest of animal protection regulations in force in Spain and in the European Union.

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2 comentarios sobre “Camps i Cia. is being launched

  1. What we have been waiting for! Finally, animals, who have little to defend themselves against injustice or maltreatment, apart from their teeth, may now have a voice at the human and organisational level. Humans rarely spoke the language of the animal, not linguistically and even less organisationally; I am looking forward to seeing them get a true, worthy voice.

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